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Happenings for January 25-31

This week, several volunteers showed up to help out at Agape House.  Hannah came on Monday, Shelby came on Tuesday, and three women from Pakechere came on Wednesday.  Patrick came on Thursday and Friday, as well as Hannah and Shelby again.  Also on Friday, a man from the Peace Corps arrived to discuss the possibility of providing teachers for the school. This is great news! Most of the teachers from the Peace Corps do not work in the primary schools, but in community day secondary schools.  He took all the information he needed and will then decide whether or not they will provide teachers.  Attendance for children was 36 on Monday, 30 on Tuesday, 26 Wednesday, 30 on Thursday, and 30 on Friday.  Tutoring is going well.  Henry is learning more of the alphabet, but the teachers are trying to encourage him to be more serious concerning his schoolwork.  They were teaching Ganizani five words a day, three days a week, but are going to change it to three words a day, five days a week, so that he is not simply memorizing them.  Unfortunately, one of the staff members contracted malaria, but seems to be doing pretty well.

Prayer requests:

Malaria is easily contracted with all the standing water from the flooding, so please continue to pray for the issues that come as a result of that.

The Peace Corps would be able to send teachers as this would be a huge blessing!

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