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Natasha Alafati

Natasha Alafati is a beautiful fifteen year old girl from the district of Mbayani. In this district, where a majority of our students come from, there are over 10,000 children. At their schools, the students outnumber the teachers 300:1. Because of this, many students drop out of school due to the difficult learning environment.  Natasha was not found on Blantyre’s streets, but came to Agape due to a lack of educational support.

Now that Natasha attends Agape House to receive an education, she does not have to worry about being just another number in a crowd of students. She loves that she can get a free education.  This week at Agape she learned about decimal numbers in math class. After she finishes her education, Natasha hopes to be a nurse so that she can treat ill people.  We know that she would make an excellent nurse because she is hard-working and prayerful.

We know that Natasha truly sees the value of education in her life. When we asked her what her happiest memory was, she responded that it was the day someone payed for exams at Mbayani Primary School and she passed!

At Agape House, we believe that in order to end poverty in Malawi, we must empower women by providing them with an education.  Natasha Alafati can change the fabric of Malawian society by studying at Agape House and pursuing her dreams.

Please join us in praying for her and other women in Malawi.

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