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Vanilla Khome

Vanilla Khome is an eight year old student who has been attending Agape House for two years now. After she began going to Agape House, she was no longer found out on the streets. Praise God! She continues to live with her mother and four other siblings in Blantyre. Life proves to be very difficult for them because Vanilla’s mother has been unable to find work. Because of this, their family lacks a lot of very basic needs. Together with her family, Vanilla enjoys attending the Anglican Church each Sunday in Blantyre.

Vanilla loves that she can come to Agape House for free education. It relieves a great deal of stress to not have to worry about paying for a uniform or tuition fees. This week Vanilla learned about multiplication and also practiced reading in Chichewa. Once she finishes school, she would love to become a nurse so that she can help treat people.

In her free time, she loves to play jump rope. Her best friend is Stella Misheck.

Five words that describe Vanilla are:

Humble. Respectful. Patient. Ambitious. Optimistic.

Father, you have given the world the gift of Vanilla Khome. She is a blessing to Agape and her family and even those who are far away. It grieves your heart to see your precious children going with their needs unmet. Please, provide employment for her mother so that their suffering is less. Stir generous hearts who would be able to help them. Use Agape House as a vessel of hope and transformation for Vanilla. In Jesus’ name.

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