Limbikani Moses

Limbikani Moses is a hard working student who is currently in the fifth grade. Like most of our students in the Back to School Program, he has lost his parents and is currently living with his aunt and two siblings . Due to their extreme poverty, his aunt has had difficulties finding sustainable work. Through it all, Limbikani has been able to stay optimistic about his life and future. After finishing school, he would like to become a truck driver so that he is able to have a steady income. We are proud to have Limbikani in our Back to School Program. We know that what is invested in him will be reinvested in others through his generous heart. Although he, himself, does not have much, he is proud to say that he shared his own food with a friend who had none. Limbikani is so grateful to have the support of Agape House through the Back to School Progam and to have an opportunity to hear the Word of God.

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