Sarah James

Sarah James, a sweet 10 year old girl from the district of Mbayani is seeking help to continue her education. She is the second born daughter in a family of four children. She lives with her two brothers and her elder brother who is responsible for them. Without the support of having parents or a gaurdian, it is especially challenging for Sarah to continue her studies. Although obtaining education has been difficult with the loss of her parens, Sarah is currently in the fourth grade. After she finishes her schooling, she hopes to be a nurse. Sarah is a very intelligent girl who has big dreams for the future. We know that through her love for God and others, she has the potential to create a lasting impact on those around her. Sarah told us that the nicest thing she has ever done for someone was sharing the Word of God with them. Along with learning, Sarah's favorite thing to do is play netball(similar to basketball). Although life proves to be difficult, Sarah always wears a smile on her face. We couldn't be more proud of her heart for others and her desire to learn.

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