Innocent Duwa

Innocent Duwa is 15 year old teenager from the district of Mbayani in Blantyre, Malawi where he stays with his stepmother due to the unfortunate loss of his parents. Although he was born in Zomba, he grew up in Blantyre with his four other siblings. Through the Back to School Project, Innocent has been able to return to school and is currently in standard 8 (eighth grade). He loves to learn the English language and has great comprehension and speaking skills. After he finishes receiving an education, he aspires to be a Malawian soldier.

Through the Back to School Project, Innocent has the ability to receive extra help on his school work and also has the chance to hear the Word of God.That is his favorite part! In his free time, he loves to have running races and play soccer. Through this program, Agape House's social worker checks in on Innocent and the other students twice a week and has regular meetings with his teachers to ensure that he is attending and is succeeding at school.

We are so glad to have Innocent be a part of the Back to School Project. Because of his friendliness, courage, and ability to work hard, we know that he will do so well in his school work and in his career as a solider afterwards.

Please consider praying for and supporting Innocent as he continues this journey in school.

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