Timothy James

Timothy James is a first grader at Likhubula Primary School. At six years old, he is the youngest son with two other siblings. After the passing of his mother several years ago, and without the knowledge of his father's whereabouts, his older brother looks after him.

Through the Back to School Project, Timothy loves that he has the chance to hear the Word of God. He also cherishes the additional support that he receives in his schooling. After he finishes, he would love to become a pilot. The idea of flying in the air is so very exciting.

He loves playing his favorite game of soccer with his best friend Chikondi Kapesi.

To describe Timothy, here are five words that he gave:

Patient. Prayerful. Faithful. Hopeful. Generous.

What wonderful things to be, even at such a young age!

Consider praying for and supporting young Timothy as he makes his journey through school. Without the support of parents, it is especially hard for him and his brothers to support one another, although they do the very best that they can.

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