Cynthia Kachingwe

Cynthia Kachingwe, a super sweet 15 year old gril from Blantyre has big dreams and a great potential to go far. With a huge passion for traveling, she is interested in pursuing a college level education in the the tourism industry. Through the Back to School Project, we hope to empower her to do just that.

Cynthia has lost both of her parents and has no one to look after her. As she reflects on her happiest memory in life, she thinks of the birthday party her father threw for her many years ago. Although sometimes she feels worried about life due to her circumstances, she has a very strong faith in God and lives joyfully in the midst of great struggle. She has the desire to share God's word with others to bring them hope.

In her free time, Cynthia enjoys playing volleyball. She also loves spending time with her best friend Gloria Butsuman.

Five words that portray Cynthia are:

Loving. God-fearing. Kind. Hardworking. Understanding.

What wonderful qualities to have!

Please consider supporting Cynthia on her journey to help others explore the world.

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