Daniel Kamoto

Daniel Kamoto is a hardworking 14 year old boy in a family with seven children. His father passed away while his mother remains in the village, leaving him to live with his older sister in Blantyre. After Daniel finishes school, he dreams of becoming a doctor so that he, himself, can help his mother who is aging. Through the Back to School Project, Daniel has the chance to hopefully receive financial support so that he can pursue his goals of becoming a doctor. With the instruction of a social worker, he also has the chance to hear God's Word and receive extra help on his homework assignments.

In Daniel's free time, he loves to play soccer. After asking him about his favorite memory, he happily told us about when he received free clothes from his friend. With a generous heart, he in turn said that the nicest thing that he has ever done is to give a shirt to someone who was in need. He would like to be able to give shoes to every child who in the world who needs them.

Five words that best describe Daniel are:

God-fearing. Hardworking. Humble. Patient. Kind.

May God bless Daniel and continue to use his generosity.

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