Mercy Nasala

Mercy Nasala born in the region of the Mulanje mountains. Sadly, after the death of her parents, Mercy and her sister were taken in by her Aunt Mary and raised in the district of Mbayani in Blantyre. Unfortunately, her aunt has had a difficult time finding employment in a country with such high poverty. This proves to be very difficult for Mercy as she tries to receive an education. Although she is a generally happy girl, she often feels very sad and worried when she remembers the death of her parents. That is a huge weight to carry at fourteen years of age.

Now that Mercy has became a part of the Back to School Project, she has been able to return to the seventh grade at St. Theresa's Primary School. After she finishes getting an education, she dream of becoming a nurse. She is so grateful that Agape Scholars has giving her extra help and allowing her to hear the Word of God.

In her free time, she loves to play netball.

When we asked her to describe herself, she stated that she was very intelligent, wise, faithful, kind, and respectful.

We are so glad to have her be in our program. We truly believe that she has wonderful potential to be a great nurse and helper those in her community.

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