Precious Makondetsa

Precious Makondetsa is a ten year old student in Agape Scholar's Back to School Program. With two other brothers, he is the oldest sibling in his family. Together they live with their mother in Mbayani. Sadly, they lost their father and have had to make ends meet without him. This proves to be very financially difficult for the family to meet their basic needs. As a family they worship at the Catholic Church.

Although it is a struggle to meet their needs, Precious finds a great amount of joy and love in hearing the Word of God at the Back to School Program. It offers him a great deal of encouragement in life. After Precious finishes school, he would love to become an accountant. He really likes this job!

In his free time, he loves to play soccer (as many boys do in Malawi). His best friend is Max.

Through the Back to School Program, we seek to give spiritual guidance and encourage generosity. Precious told us that the nicest thing he has ever done was giving money to a friend in need. We are proud of him for sharing his resources!

When we asked him what he would give as a gift to every child in the world, he stated that he would give soft drinks. I'm sure that they would all love that!

Precious uses these five words to describe himself:Humble. Intelligent. Hardworking. Kind. Patient.

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