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Our Founders
Gene and Jenni Dunkley


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Agape Scholars International was created after Dr. Euguene Dunkley and his wife Jennifer Dunkley lived in Malawi for eleven months in 2009. During their time in Malawi, Dr. Dunkley worked as a visiting professor at the University of Malawi: College of Medicine and his wife at a local charity for street children.

The Dunkleys quickly became aware of the prevalence of children roaming and begging on the streets of Blantyre. They decided to create Agape House, a school for street children. This school quickly became a place of hope for Malawi's most defenseless children.

This vision has expanded to include a residence for street children, youth clubs, after school programs and a preschool.

Gene and Jenni Dunkley are ordained ministers, serving in the Free Methodist Church.

 Our work with street children.

Before and After Pictures

5 Reasons Children are on the Street.

Our social workers take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to street children in Blantyre city. They find out why each child is on the street and try to find the best solution for each child.


1. Children have dropped out of public school because they cannot afford school fees or a uniform. Without the ability to go to school, they go to the streets in an attempt to escape poverty.

2. Parents sometimes send their children onto the street to gain additional income.

3. Children are hired by the disabled to do their begging for them.

4. Some children are orphaned and homeless due the death of their parents to HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

5. Some children run to the streets because their home environments are unsafe or abusive.

Dr. Gene Dunkley talks about his career and mission

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