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Every Saturday, over five thousand youth meet in 32 villages and cities of Malawi for youth centered activities. Agape Youth Clubs is free and open to youth of all religions.  We partner with churches to provide a weekly program of singing, Bible study and sports for vulnerable children who live in the cities and rural areas. All the youth receive a snack at the end of club.

Scholarships for Secondary School Students

Secondary School Program is critically important in Malawi for several reasons.  The success rate for the completion of primary school is only 35%; this is due to the high drop-out rate, high student-teacher ratio, and the overall effects of poverty on resources available to children.  This results in a number of students who are unprepared to pass the primary school leaving exam (PSLE), which allows them access to secondary school.  The access rate to secondary school is only 17%.  


Our program helps to alleviate the challenges in the education system by specialized tutoring for students in groups with a much lower student-teacher ratio.  Agape Scholars International has successfully helped 327 students enter secondary schools.


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