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Churches and youth groups can become ministry partners with a monthly donation of £30.


As a ministry partner you will become a part of our community and be invited to join



Our Monthly Zoom "Fireside" Chat

To better enable our ministry partners to understand the work of Agape Scholars International, Inc. and its impact, we will have Zoom "chats" in which we can give live updates on projects, the children, testimonies, and have Q&A. We welcome the opportunity to share and discuss new ideas!

Our Pen Pal Project

One effective way you can help a child out of poverty is through building meaningful relationships. Writing and receiving letters is a wonderful way to bless the children and to be blessed! Not only will you get to know the stories and their lives, but you can also help the children by giving them a glimpse of your life. 

Our Monthly Zoom Prayer Meeting

One of the most effective ways you can help a child out of poverty is through prayer. By calling to God on their behalf, you have the opportunity to move mountains in their lives. We will invite you to join us in prayer.  We will share prayer points from Agape House of Hope staff that will allow all of us to pray for concerns "on the ground".

For More Information Email Pastors Gene and Jenni Dunkley

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