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Elijah’s Education Will Help Him Fight For the Rights of Children


In recent weeks we have highlighted a couple of students who have extraordinarily passed their exiting exams and have been accepted into secondary school. To continue to honor the success of our students, we present Elijah Emmanuel.

Elijah has been accepted into Namwiwa Secodary School after passing his exams last May. He is so proud that he passed, but looks forward to studying harder in the future in order to obtain his goals. After he finishes his schooling, he dreams of becoming a lawyer who fights for the rights of children.

We are so glad to have given Elijah an opportunity to continue his education and empower him to be child’s activist in the future. Reflecting on his time at Agape House, Elijah said that his favorite part of coming was hearing the Word of God each day. His happiest memory occured when he attended young life camp where he was able to learn so much about life and God.

Elijah is:

Intelligent. Quiet. Hardworking. Courageous. Optimistic.

We know he has what it takes to accomplish his dreams.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for Elijah’s time at Agape House. He will accomplish great things in life with you by his side. We pray that you would give him the skills, determination, and education needed in order to defend the rights and justice of your precious children. May he reflect the compassionate and just heart that you have for all of your creation. In Jesus’ name.

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