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Congratulations to our Secondary School Graduates!

In Malawi, primary school education is free, however, when children complete eight grade they sit an entrance examination to enter secondary school. Secondary school is not free, students must pay a registration fee and tuition to attend. Because of the cost, some students who pass their entry examination for secondary school cannot attend, and their education will end at the eighth grade. In 2022 Agape Scholars international paid for secondary school uniforms, registration and tuition for 56 promising students whose education journey would have ended at the eighth-grade level because of poverty. In Malawi only 15.93% of the population aged 25 years and older have some secondary education.

We are so pleased with our nine graduates who have successfully completed 4 years of secondary school education. Congratulations to Blessings Chalemba, Daud Moses, Joseph Katopola, Richard Dangalira, Lasten Katande, Martha Phiri, Jacqueline Malunga, Mercy Nasala and David Khomolina!

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