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God’s House

As our van pulled into the Agape House gates with a loud honk, my heart swelled with excitement. Would the children like me? Would they be happy?  After months of stress and anxiety, the moment I stepped onto the cracked, red dirt, my heart instantly flooded with peace. I knew immediately that Agape House was a place where God’s presence richly dwelled. My two feet had hardly been on the ground for 30 seconds before I was greeted with the warmest smiles, handshakes, and bear hugs from the staff. Soon after, the kids curiously made their way over to our team. I said, “Bobo (hi to children)” and watched as their faces lit up with excitement and joy, sheepishly wearing a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

Agape House is truly God’s House.

He fills the praises of 7o children each and every morning as they yell at the top of their lungs the Lord’s prayer in both English and Chichewa. He smiles upon the children as they dance in celebration of the gift of new yellow uniforms. He hears the cry of a bold teenage girl as she cries out to the Lord in prayer.

The street children are God’s children.

He takes special care of them. His loving hand is always over them.

He is claiming each child one by one as his own.

He is rescuing them from the harsh life of living on the streets and is placing abundant eternal life into the lives’ of each child.

May each child grow not only in the knowledge of mathematics or English, but may they overflow with the knowledge of God’s love for them as His very own children.

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