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New Beginnings: Agape House Limbe

With the New Year approaching in the next few days to come, we are reminded of how good new beginnings feel. We love to create new goals with wide eyed wonder of what the next year might hold for us.

For the children of Agape House Limbe, their new beginning came a bit early this year. Agape Scholars International has recently started a new place of hope, one where they students not only learn, but also live. Agape House Limbe is a new place of learning,stability , and transformation for some of our most vulnerable students.

With the New Year, we remember that fresh starts are always possible thanks to our Savior who is always making all things new.

Please keep our new students and residents of Agape House Limbe in your prayers and thoughts this year. We can’t wait to share with you fresh stories of restoration and hope!

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