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Student Spotlight!



Charity is eight years old, and has been on the street for almost two years. Since the day that she joined the Agape House family, she showed great dedication to learning and growing spiritually. She is a remarkable student, and is aspiring to be a nurse. When asked what she loves, Charity mentioned that she loves attending Sunday school sermons—her favorite part is singing fun worship songs. She also said that she loves both of her parents and grandparents, because they also love her. Her grandparents are alive, and they stay in her home village, Makwasa. When asked what she likes to do for fun she said, “playing with dolls and friends!” Charity is the oldest daughter in a family of three children, her parents love her, and wish that they could provide for her to become a nurse. However, they still face financial challenges that keep Charity from being able to get an education.

Our prayers here at Agape Scholars International are that Charity will grow in her relationship with God, and develop academically to meet her goals.

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