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Student Spotlight: Alfred Daniel


Agape Scholars International would like to introduce our Student Spotlight of today: Alfred Daniel. Alfred is 12 years old. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Daniel. Mr. Daniel is a mechanic. Alfred lives with his parents in Mbayani. Alfred is the second born son in a family of four children. He and his family attend the Seventh-Day Adventist church.

Alfred stopped going to school in the fourth grade because he lost his books. He has recently returned to school at Agape House. His favorite thing about coming to Agape House is the free education support and spiritual guidance that he is receiving. He wants to be a pilot when he grow up because he just admires the job and his favorite game to play is soccer. Five words that best describe Alfred are: humble, patient, kind, prayerful, and hardworking.

Heavenly Father, please meet the physical and educational needs of Alfred Daniel. He has a sweet, giving heart and has dreams of helping those in need. Help him continue to have a sweet spirit and continue to love you and others. In Jesus’ name.

Please keep Alfred in your prayers as school starts back up at Agape House!

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