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Student Spotlight: Miriam Rex

miriam rex

This is Miriam Rex.

Miriam Rex is a sweet twelve year old girl who is now learning at Agape House after she was unable to continue her education at Mbayani Primary School. She is the sister to Kondwani Rex, last week’s student spotlight. Although they are siblings, they are living similar yet different stories right now. They are both feeling the loss of their mother who tragically passed away one year ago. Sometime later, their father remarried a new woman. However, because of ill treatment from their new stepmother, the two siblings were separated with Kondwani living on the streets for a time and Miriam living with her grandfather. Kondwani has since returned to live with his father and stepmother. Miriam’s grandfather works as a shoe repairman but finds it very difficult to provide an adequate amount of food for her.

Miriam loves that the education at Agape House is totally free! Here, she has no worries about how she will pay for her school fees or where her meals will come from. When we were talking with her, she explained to us that her happiest memory was being offered a place to learn at Agape House. In fact, the nicest thing she has ever done in her own eyes was introducing someone to Agape House where they could come to learn for free. How wonderful it is that we could be such a blessing to her!

This week she learned about  arranging numbers in math class. She also learned about constructing words and sentences in English class. Miriam wants to become educated so that she can become a nurse. She loves the scrubs that they wear! In the future, she plans to use her education to help her brother Kondwani.

When we asked Miriam to describe herself, she said that she was:

Hardworking. Courageous. Hot-tempered. Kind. Optimistic.

Lord, our heartbreaks when any of your children are mistreated, oppressed, and their needs go unmet. We are glad that you have established Agape House as a place of hope where their needs are met and where they can feel loved. May your justice come through for Miriam and Kondwani in every way. Let your love be their comfort and strength each day. Fill them and satisfy them with good things directly from your hand. In Jesus’ name.

“The LORD performs righteous deeds and judgments for all who are oppressed.” -Psalm 103:6

You can read Kondwani’s story below at:

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