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Agape Scholars Visits Central A&M High School

The United Nations has an annual calendar for raising awareness for various global social issues- International day of the woman, day of  malaria, day of child poverty to name a few. In the current year, the United Nations, through efforts from the Consortium of Street Children ,who have lobbied and petitioned for the day of the street child to be added, was finally declared to be annually recognized on April 12th. With the addition of this day, awareness will be brought around the worldwide issue of street children.

Agape Scholars International had the privilege of visiting Central A&M High school in Mowequa, Illinois to discuss with the pen pal participants and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) club about what it is like to be a street child. There were engaging conversations about the wide array of difficulties that they face such as human trafficking, inadequate access to food and clean water, and extreme fatigue.

This visit was in conjunction with the pen pals and SADD group’s decision to not only raise awareness through creating various bulletin boards, but to raise funds for Agape House learning center in Blantyre. Between our visit and  the international day of the street child on April 12th, the students have resolved to each sell five bracelets which state the Consortium for Street Children’s anthem “It’s our time now.” As they sell bracelets to their friends and family, they will have the opportunity to speak of their pen pal friends and others like them around the world.

We were highly thrilled by the students at Central A&M and their willingness to engage the issue and courage they have to tell others about it. The students asked many wonderful questions and were eager to support their pen pal friends.

Thank you so much for hosting us Central A&M!

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