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BIC Donates to Agape House


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BIC, a well known company for making ballpoint pins graciously donated several items to Agape House this week. After hearing about Agape House they expressed their desire to meet with the chairman of Agape Scholars International in order to become more aware of what Agape House does. After meeting with the representative and hearing about Agape House , BIC promised to come and donate school supplies. They were faithful to their word! Agape House now has 590 pens for the children to use along with 16 backpacks and 20 slate chalkboards.

Agape House is incredibly thankful for the generous gift BIC blessed us with this week. We know the children will be able to use the pens, backpacks, and slates to good use. Every little contribution directs the children onto a brighter path.

“C0me and see what our God has done, and what awesome miracles he does for his people!” – Psalm 66: 5
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