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Blessings Nsona

What a “blessing” it is to have Blessings Nsona as a student at Agape House! After being found on the street one year ago, he has continued his education at Agape and has returned to first grade. He is a ten year old with four other siblings. Due to his parent’s divorce, life has become difficult financially and emotionally for his family. Together they go to the Church of Christ in order to worship the Lord in the midst of their circumstances.

This week at Agape, Blessings learned about the English alphabet. English is the official language of Malawi and is handy for employment purposes. We encourage our students to be well versed in their native language Chichewa as well as English. Blessings hopes to become more educated so that he can help his mother and other relatives. He also explained that the President of Malawi truly inspires him because of how he represents the country.

When we asked him how he would describe himself, he stated that he is: humble, patient, courageous, obedient, and generous.

Even at such a young age, Blessings has a strong faith in Jesus as the Son of God and in His divinity. He is proud of the life he has been given and in his chance to learn.

We pray that Agape House would be as big of a blessing to him as he is to us!

Heavenly Father, what a fitting name you have given Blessings. You pour out your blessings on your children and I pray that this young man would be no exception. Let his cup in life overflow with love, kindness, peace, and provision, so much so that his life would be a blessing to others. In Jesus’ name.

blessings nsona
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