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Dirty Nails, Clean Heart

Street children…otherwise known as the nuisance of the city in the minds of some. Those kids who are always begging…those kids who have no future…who are forever trapped in their poverty.

Entirely not so.

As I sat outside, taking a break from teaching young children to play ring-a-round-the-rosie for the first time, a young girl named Vanessa sat joyfully in my lap. As she examined my hands out of curiosity, she discovered that my nails were filthy with dirt (from having built stoves the day before). Without hesitation she began picking the dirt out from underneath my nails, finger by finger, getting her own hands dirty in the process.

God truly uses the seemingly lowly things in life to shame the wise, that is for sure. At such a young age, Vanessa exhibited a true servant’s heart. My heart was humbled as this sweet four year old who barely has enough to get by, overflowed with compassion upon my dirty fingernails.

That is true service. That is love.

The kingdom of God belongs to beautiful children such as these.

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