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Jafali Mtenje

2016-01-14 10.59.30

Through Agape Scholars International’s newest program, we are sending students who have dropped out of school, back to school! In the area of Mbayani, many students are dropping out at vast rates due to a lack of financial resources but also due to overcrowding in schools where students outnumber teachers 300:1.

Jafali Mtenje is a student in this program. He lives with his parents and five other siblings. His parents have been unable to find employment and this has made it difficult for him to remain in school. At times, he feels very worried because he lacks good support from his family. At ten years old, he has now returned to the second grade through the Back to School Project.

Jafali loves that through Agape House Back to School Project, he does not have to worry about financing his education. He also loves that while he comes to the program for extra help, he has the chance to hear the Word of God. After he finishes school he wants to become a solider so that he can protect his country.

Jafali is humble, intelligent, hard working, kind, and faithful.

If you are interested in sponsoring Jafali’s education, check out our website at:

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