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Young Life Camp Africa: The Continent of Young People

The mango tree is a staple fruit in Malawi. With most non- fruit bearing trees being cut down for firewood and deforestation prevalent , you can almost be sure that the tree you are seeing is a Mango tree or other fruit tree of some sort. Although it takes the mango tree three years to grow, a slow process when there is great poverty, the mango tree produces a large bounty of fruit that provides nourishment for many people in the long run.

Like the mango tree, Young Life Africa believes in producing “fruit” in the lives of Africa’s teenagers. Although the process is slow, they reach out to one child at a time in the hopes to reach all of the youth across Africa. Young Life Africa serves to introduce adolescents to Christ and to encourage them to grow in their faith. In turn, they produce Christ filled leaders to reach their communities through  transformational discipleship. One way that they do this is through sending teens to camp. While at this camp, they have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ for three entire days. Here, many accept Christ for the first time.

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From August 5th-7th, Agape House was able to send 15 boys and 15 girls to Young Life Camp. Including other schools, there were over 200 attendees. We are so excited that many of Agape House students accepted Christ into their hearts as their personal savior for the first time! Praise God! They were given and equipped with Bibles and tshirts to remember the camp. As they were at camp, they reflected on John 1:1 and Mark 10:17-21.

young life camp

We are so proud of our students who are eager and willing to love and serve God. We love their adoration and trust in Him. Please, continue to be in prayer for our students as they grow and mature in their faith.

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To learn more about Young Life Africa, visit their website at:

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