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Ibrahim Juma Soars into Secondary School

At the end of each academic year, students in Malawi prepare to take the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLC). This test covers subjects like mathematics, science, and life skills among other topics. After studying for several years, the standard 8 class has the opportunity to take a test which determines whether the student can move onto Secondary School (high school). For many, achieving the title of a secondary school student is a high mountain that cannot be climbed due to lack of resources (paper, pencils, school fees etc), large and impersonal classrooms , many years of missing school, homelessness, lack of electricity for studying and so on.

This May, Agape Scholars International had a total of five students pass their PLSC exam- two from our Mbayani Project and three from Agape House! In the following weeks we will spotlight each student who passed their exams.

Today, we would like to feature Ibrahim Juma from the Mbayani Back to School Project.


After taking his exam, the results came back that he had passed with excellence above many of his peers! We could not be more proud. He was selected to attend a Mtendere secondary school where he will live and study for the next few years. Since the death of his mother in 2011, Ibrahim has had many difficulties in finding a stable home and meeting basic needs. Being able to attend secondary school is an accomplishment that many are unable claim and will alter his future in many positive ways.He has promised to work hard to achieve his goals. He has such pride in being supported by Agape Scholars to receive an education. After he finishes school, he aspires to be pilot so that he can travel abroad.

We know that Ibrahim will continue to succeed and make us so proud.

ibrahim and roommate at secondary school.png

Ibrahim and his new roommate

Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing Ibrahim with such success on his exiting exams. This is life changing for him in many positive ways. Continue to give him the strength, courage, and wisdom he needs in the years to come. Help him to hear your voice of love and approval over him all the days of his life. May he further your kingdom in new ways and reach out to those who are still hurting. Amen.

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