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Prisca Kapito

Prisca Kapito is a bright 14 year old student of ours at Agape House. She is an only child and lives with her Aunt Lipenga in Mpemba. Prisca was unable to continue her education after the seventh grade due to a lack of financial support. Not only  are we so glad that she was not found on the streets of Blantyre, but we are thrilled that she is choosing to continue to get an education at Agape House. This week, she learned about punctuation marks in her English lessons and also learned about averages in mathematics. She accomplished a lot this week! After Prisca finishes schooling, she dreams of becoming a nurse. She has a huge heart for helping sick people in her community. Her humbleness, courage, and prayerful posture will surely lead her to help so many people who are in need in Malawi. Agape House is thrilled to be able to raise her up so that she can accomplish all of her goals.

Please join us in praying for Prisca as she enters into a future of helping others who are ill. We believe that she can help so many and bring life to those who are hurting.

Father, you are the healer of the sick and broken. Due to the circumstances faced by those living in extreme poverty in Malawi, several have fallen ill to disease. You come to restore the whole person, including their health. Please, use Prisca as an instrument of your divine healing and restoration to your beloved children. Guard her, lead her, and clear a path for her to be able to reach those in her community who need your help. In Jesus name.

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