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Student Spotlight: Kondwani Rex

This is Kondwani Rex.

He is a bright, 10 year old student who has returned to get an education at Agape House after he was unable to continue learning at Mulanje primary school. After moving in with his stepmother and three other siblings, Kondwani no longer has to stay on the streets. Although, there are times when he feels sad and endures hardships due to the passing of his biological mother. Finances are also difficult for the family as his stepmother has been unable to find employment. Kondwani and his family are members of the Islamic faith.

Kondwani loves learning! In fact, education is his favorite thing about Agape House. This week, he learned about division in math class and practiced reading in English. Being able to function in English is a very valuable skill for many Malawians and provides better job opportunities. Once he finishes his schooling, he aspires to be a driver like his father.

When we asked Kondwani to describe himself, he stated that he was:

Prayerful. Courageous. Kind. Patient. Hardworking.

Heavenly Father, you are the creator of all things. In the beginning, you declared that your creation was very good. You created Kondwani intentionally and lovingly out of your goodness. We unite to pray that Kondwani would experience the outpouring of your love through Jesus. Thank you for his dedication to learning. Bless all his efforts in his studies. May your presence be especially close as he misses the warmth and comfort of his mother. In Jesus’ name.

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