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Chimwemwe Kanyoza

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Chimwemwe Kanyoza is Agape House’s spotlight of the week. At ten years old, she has returned to school after dropping out I the third grade. She has three siblings and lives with her mother  in Mbayani. We are so glad that she was not found out in the streets. However, life has still proven to be quite difficult for Chimwemwe and her family after the death of her father.

This week at Agape she learned about adolescence in life skills and about pronouns in English class. She aspires to be a lawyer after she finishes school so that she can judge different cases that arise. She hopes to be the most educated girl in her family so that she can in turn help her relatives.

When we asked her to describe herself, she said she was:

Patient. Kind. Quiet. Generous. Courageous.

Chimwemwe is proud to live a life of grace and has found that Jesus is in fact the resurrection and life.

We are so proud of all Chimwemwe is and aspires to be. We believe she will have a positive impact in her community.

Heavenly Father, Chimwemwe is such a sweet girl with a beautiful smile. She has dreams, goals, and aspirations that you can help her to achieve. May your children be faithful to guide her and lead her into the life you had planned for her before the creation of the world. I know that life can be very difficult for her family at times. I’m sure she misses her father very much. Will you be the father to the fatherless and give her all of the love and care in the world? In Jesus’ name.

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