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Chrispine Mateketa

Chrispine Mateketa is a bright 16 year old male from Mbayani where he lives with his parents and six other siblings. Each Sunday, Chrispine and his family enjoy attending Pentecost Life Church together. Although he wasn’t found on Blantyre’s streets, he dropped out of school in the sixth grade due to behavioral problems. We are so glad to that Chrispine has changed greatly since that time is continuing his education at Agape House. He loves that he can learn for free and also hear God’s word at the same time. At Agape this week he learned about fractions and decimal numbers in mathematics class. After he finishes school, he dreams of becoming a lawyer who promotes justice in Malawi. Through his courage, prayerfulness, patience, intelligence, and generosity, we believe that Chrispine will do just that!

“How blessed are those who keep justice, who practice righteousness at all times!”- Psalm 106:3

Father, you are just in all of your ways. You have bestowed a pursuit for righteousness and justice into Chrispine’s heart. Please, enable him through education and his career to seek justice for the oppressed in his country in order that others may know and belong to your kingdom. In Jesus’ name.

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