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Joseph Clement

This week Agape House is proud to present Joseph Clement. He is a ten year old student from the district of Mbayani in Blantyre, Malawi. After dropping out of school in the second grade, he has returned to school with us. We are thrilled that he was not found in the streets!  Joseph has three siblings and lives with his parents. Together they enjoy worshiping the Lord together at the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Joseph loves that he has a place to hear the Word of God and the chance to learn.  This week he studied division in mathematics. He really admires doctors, especially because of the way they dress. He hopes to become more and more educated so that he can help his parents in the future. He is so proud to have loving parents.

In his free time he loves playing with toys and participating in soccer games.

When we asked him to describe himself, he stated that he was:

Courageous. Humble. Patient. Intelligent. Trustworthy.

Father, we are so glad that you guided Joseph’s steps to Agape House. We love his gratitude for learning and for his family. We are glad that he, at such a young age, already displays such honorable characteristics. Continue to guide his steps that he may know you more and more and that he would bear your light to all he comes in contact with.  May Agape House be a place of transformation and positive influence to him. In Jesus’ name.

joseph clement
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