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Loveness Kaswada Dreams of Becoming a Doctor


Loveness Kaswada is a beautiful thirteen year old girl from the district of Mbayani. She lives there with her mother, who is a stay at home mom and her four other siblings. She loves to attend First Christian Church together with her family. Due to the death of her father, Loveness was unable to afford her education after the fifth grade. Thankfully, Loveness is continuing her education at Agape House simply due to a lack of finances and was not found on Blantyre’s streets. She loves that she does not have to worry about paying for school. This week, she learned about opposite words in English. In math, she learned how to work with fractions. After she finishes school, Loveness is dreaming to becoming a doctor- a culturally taboo occupation for a woman due to gender roles and ideologies found within Malawi. We are so proud of her for striving for excellence and know that she can accomplish this because she is intelligent, hard working, and courageous. Better yet, we know that she will serve her patients with a loving smile on her face.

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