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Sostern Misheck

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Welcome to Agape House’s Student Spotlight of the week. Each week, we tell the stories of our students. This week we would love to tell you about Sostern Misheck. He is a thirteen year old student who came to  Agape House after being found on the street one year ago. After the death of his father, Sostern and his siblings along with their mother, who works at home, have had a difficult time meeting their basic needs, especially in terms of food. Coming to Agape House has provided him a place to have some of his needs met, food and education being a few.

He loves that he can learn for free! In math this week, he learned about masses. He also practiced dictation in his English lessons. After he finishes his education, he would love to become a doctor so that he can treat patients. Sostern is so proud of himself because of the opportunity he has to learn at Agape House.

In the future, he hopes to live a long life and to be education so that he can in turn educate and help his relatives.

He describes himself in these words: Patient. Humble. Courageous. Kind. Reasonable. 

He loves to play soccer for fun and says that Evance is his best friend.

At Agape, we also share and encourage our students to be transformed by God’s Word. When we asked Sostern to share with us something that he has learned about Jesus, he stated, “Jesus Christ died for us to have life.”

Finally, he stated that in order to help all the street children in the world, he would give them the gift of clothing.

Heavenly Father, Sostern is so kind and has so much potential. Thank you that in your grace you led him to Agape House where he can be fed, taught, and loved. Use him in order to reach his relatives and bring hope to them as well. His family is in desperate need of help to meet their basic needs, needs that most of us don’t have to think a second about. They need food, clothing, and finances in order for their situation to improve. Please, provide for them in these ways both immediately and in long-term development. Use Sosterns education as a vehicle of change for his family and community. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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