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Friday William: 1000 Kwacha can go a Long Way


Friday William is a bright eleven year old from the capital city of Lilongwe. Although it is unclear how he made his way to Blantyre, we do know that Friday is having a rough time because he doesn’t have anywhere to stay or sleep peacefully and has been on the streets for about four years. When Friday was in the third grade, he had to drop out of school due to the death of his father. Growing up, Friday came from a diverse background as his father was Muslim while his mother and other relatives were Christian. They still presently attend Zion church together as a family. Friday also has five other siblings.

We are so glad to know that Agape House has had a profound impact upon Friday’s life. When asked what gift he would give to every child in the world, he said ” I would collect all of the street children to an organization like Agape House to find accommodation,food, and clothing.”  We are thrilled that Agape has been such a place of hope to him that he desires to bring others with him. This week, he learned division in mathematics class. During life skills, he learned how to take good care of his teeth after a donation of tooth brushes and tooth paste were given to the school. Friday hopes to continue his education so that he can become a mechanic- a much needed job in Malawi.

When we asked Friday to describe himself, he said that he was very hard working, talkative, intelligent, and generous. We were so proud when Friday told us that his happiest memory was when he gave away 1000 kwacha to disabled people and that he believes that it is the nicest thing he has ever done. He truly has a generous heart that is worth telling others about. It is humbling to know that our children, although struggling with material poverty, still find it within themselves to give to those who are in need.

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