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Learning Brings a Smile to Mwaiwao’s Face

Mwaiwo Sulani is thirteen years old and thankfully has never been found on the streets of Blantyre. Sadly, she had to drop out of Namatete Primary School while in the seventh grade. Mwaiwao happily lives with both parents and her three other siblings. Each Sunday her family enjoys going to the Roman Catholic Church together. Since coming to Agape House, Mwaiwao has shown a great dedication to learning. During school this week, she learned about the importance of making wise decisions in life skills class. Mwaiwao wants to continue to pursue an education so that she can become a nurse. It is an occupation that she truly admires and will do amazing at because of her intelligence and patience with others. We believe in her potential to touch others as a nurse with her bright smile and friendly demeanor. Not only does she invest in her education, but she also invests in a relationship with God. She describes herself as both intelligent and prayerful. She confidently wears a smile on her face knowing that she has hope through God and a bright future through her education.

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