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Let the Little Children Come

As you look at this sweet little girl, you can’t help but to wonder…Surely this little bitty thing doesn’t have to beg on the streets of Blantyre!? She is hardly able to talk on her own yet, hardly able to walk on her own, hardly able to take care of herself.  My heart cried in anguish at the mere thought of this sweet girl having to beg just to eat her daily bread. My heart cried, “Oh God, why??”

The reality is that the little toddlers come to Agape House not because they themselves are begging on the streets. Thank God!! Rather, they are dropped off at Agape House because their mothers are out begging in order to feed their families. The toddlers are brought to Agape with the comfort that at least if they are there they can be fed two nutritious meals. Because of this, Agape House is expanding by adding a nursery age class to accommodate this need.

Please continue to pray and uplift our kids as well as their families as they bravely fight against poverty.

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