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Ronny Kapasule


Ronny Kapasule came to Agape House after dropping out of school in the second grade. Her mother has passed away and her father is living in Mozambique. Without the support of her parents, Ronny lives with her aunt, although she has been unable to find employment. It is for these reasons that Ronny has come to Agape House. We are so glad that she was not found on the streets however.

We are so glad that she has come to learn with us. She loves that she can have a free education. This week, she learned about addition in Math class and hygiene in life skills.

After Ronny finishes her schooling, she would like to be a bank clerk.

When we asked Ronny to describe herself in five words, she gave us:

Smiling. Prayerful. Generous. Courageous. Hard-working.

Please join us in thinking of Ronny and lifting her up in prayer this week.

Father, you are the giver of life, and family, and learning. Thank you for directing your child’s steps to Agape House. Let us always be an encouragement and hope to her in her journey. Comfort Ronny as she misses her parents. Her guardian is without a job and I am sure that it makes it difficult for her to provide for Ronny’s needs. Give Ronny the strength and encouragement she needs to fulfill her life’s purpose. In Jesus’ Name.

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