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Tiyankhulenji Chabwera

Happy Sunday from Agape Scholars International! It is our pleasure to introduce you to Tiyaanhulenji Chabwera, our student spotlight for this week. At thirteen years of age, she has returned to gain an education at Agape after dropping out of school in the sixth grade.  With two other siblings, Tiyanhuleji lives with her mother in Mbayani. Together they love worshiping at the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Tiyanhuelji loves to learn. In fact, it is her favorite thing about attending Agape House. This week, she was proud to learn about flowering and nonflowering plants in her science class and about fractions in mathematics. As she pondered who brings inspiration to her life, she stated that nurses are truly inspiring to her due to their extreme cleanliness. Thinking about the future, she hopes to become more and more educated and independent.

Not only is Tiyanhuelji passionate about learning, she is such an encouraging and giving person. She loves encouraging her loved ones with the Word of God and freely gives friends clothing when they are in need. She feels such pride knowing she has an opportunity to learn for free and know Jesus as her savior.

When we asked her to describe herself, she stated that she is:

Generous. Prayerful. Kind. Hardworking. Patient.

What wonderful things to be, even at such a young age!

God in Heaven, thank you that you are Tiyanhuelji’s guard and protector. You keep her from evil and preserve her life. She is such an intelligent and generous person. We are honored that she is learning with us. May we be a blessing and encouragement to her as she goes into her community to share your love and Word.

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