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Trinity has three younger siblings. They all live together with their mother who works in a restaurant in their district of Mbayani. As a family, they attend the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall together.

At Agape House this week Trinity has learned to multiply numbers in math class. She is dreaming big to become a doctor after she finishes school. As we have mentioned in previous posts, this is a bit of a cultural taboo for women, as it is seen as a “man’s job.” We love that she aspires to goals that not many others would strive for.

As she reflects on her life, her happiest moment came when a friend bough her a new dress. I’m sure it was lovely on her!

Trinity describes herself as hot-tempered, generous, hard working, prayerful, and optimistic.

With such wonderful characteristics, Trinity is sure to have tremendous impact in her community.

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